First Baptist Church Central City

In-Person Worship Plan

UPDATED: 8/12/2020
NOTE: We encourage anyone considered “at-risk” to continue to worship from home at this time. In light of guidelines given by state and federal health authorities, below you will find 20 key elements to our in-person worship procedures.

1. Two worship services. Sunday at 9am and 11am. These two services are in light of state guidelines and, specifically, the space needed for social distancing.

2. Reservations will be taken for each service, with church members and attenders being asked to contact the office at (270) 754-3670 or by email at to make their reservations. A reservation is not required to attend, but once any service is full, per state requirements, no one else will be allowed to attend (guests and/or members will have to be turned away at the door, hence the need of two services). Reservations will help us in knowing how many to expect for each service and whether or not space is available for people to attend.

3. People will only enter through the Morehead ST Entrance.

4. Temperatures will be taken outside. We will have two different stations in order to make it move more efficiently. No one with a fever (100.0 degrees or higher) will be permitted inside.

5. Everyone will be asked to wear a mask/face covering. We will have disposable masks available for any who arrive without a mask/face covering, and they will be reminded to wear a mask/face covering in the future.

6. Service length will be 50 minutes. For this reason, we ask that people avoid using restrooms, if possible.

7. All restrooms will be one-person at a time only.

8. Volunteers will stay behind in order to disinfect after each service. We will disinfect every indoor area where people have gathered / traveled.

9. Attendees will be asked to practice social distancing and also to avoid congregating after each service so building can be disinfected and prepared for the next service.

10. Offering boxes will be placed indoors at the four entrances of the sanctuary.

11. Hand sanitizer stations will be setup at the entrance of the sanctuary and the Morehead ST entrance.

12. A greeter / usher will be stationed at the sanctuary door (interior) and at the Morehead ST entrance and will open the door for each person.

13. From front-to-back, every other pew will be roped off and unavailable for seating (i.e., one can sit in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th pews, but not the 2nd, 4th, etc.).

14. Households will need to maintain 6 feet of distance from the next household in their seating.

15. There will be no Nursery, Children’s Church, Sunday School, Choir, etc.

16. All hymnbooks, pens, and envelopes have been removed from pew backs.

17. There will be no bulletins.

18. For an indefinite time, there will be no greeting time, handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, elbow bumps, or any other physical contact.

19. We are planning and preparing so that we can observe the ordinances (Baptism and Lord’s Supper) on a case-by-case basis, as safely as possible.

20. We will continue to livestream our services for those who are at-risk and uncomfortable attending at this time.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Currently, plans are constantly changing. This plan could change due to unforeseen circumstances or depending on new information that comes out from federal, state, or county officials. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary.