Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of music do you sing at FB3C?

A: At FB3C, we like to sing a little bit of everything. A typical Sunday will usually include traditional hymns that are familiar and pillars of church music as well as more modern worship songs and choruses. We intentionally try to blend our music styles so as to have a greater potential for intergenerational worship and unity. We also have a worship choir that will sing a choral special most Sunday’s. Most importantly, every single song that is sung is rooted in scripture and always magnifies the Lord.

Q: If I attend a service, how should I dress?

A: At FB3C we don’t have any specific dress code. We want you to come as you are! So if you prefer a suit and tie (or a nice dress for the ladies), than that is fine. If you want to be more business casual that’s ok too! Jeans and a polo…no problem! As long as you are clothed, you are welcome!

Q: Do you have childcare?

A: Yes! We provide a nursery ministry that will care for children birth thru 4 years old. We also have children’s church for older elementary age children. Students 6th grade and older we encourage to sit with their families and participate in the service.